International Clothiers Website

As the graphic designer for International Clothiers, I was responsible for visually maintaining the website. I would design layouts and update images for different promotions.

WaterWipes social media post WaterWipes social media post WaterWipes social media post
WaterWipes social media post

While working for Influence Central, a marketing agency, I helped rebrand a baby wipes company called WaterWipes. I made posts for social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. These posts used original vector illustrations as well as selected stock photography. In some cases, my own product shots were used. I also created the Watermark featured as the company's profile picture, and as shown above. This was inspired by an image they shared of waterdrops forming the shape of a heart.

Influence Central portal badges

At Influence Central, I also vector-illustrated a lot of custom iconography. I created the icons shown on the left for the portal we designed and created in-house. Influence Central is a marketing agency that reaches out to people with large social followings (influencers) and hires them to advertise products for accounts. Once influencers are found, they are added to the portal where they are able to update their contact information and apply for campaigns. These categories are used to organize campaigns by areas of interest, making it easier for influencers to find campaigns they might want to partake in.


I created a portfolio website for a spa esthetician. We scheduled a few appointments along the way to discuss the content and appearance of her website. This also involved photo editing the images I received.