Artful Thinker logo
This is a logo I created for Rachael Charlton, a life coach working out of the GTA, who wanted to rebrand her business as "Artful Thinker". Rachael asked for her logo to have a trendy wordmark accompanied by a stylized icon of something derived from nature. She was very happy with this logo and has used it on her blog at
Lid Up logo drafts
Lid Up business cards

Lid Up is a young startup involving the creation of innovative light fixtures using recyled water bottles. Their goal is to promote recyling through their efforts. I was approached by their founder, Ali Amer, who asked me to design their logo and business cards. As shown above, I presented them with 3 logo diretions. They preferred draft "C" and we moved forward with that design.


When Diana was a recent university graduate, she asked me to create a resume layout and design that would help her stand out amongst other applicants. I provided her with both options and she used both.

Weber Shandwick blueprint

I did a time-sensitive freelance project for a communications agency called Weber Shandwick. They provided me with the copy and images of their staff members. Their vision was for the background of the content to be a blueprint of a home. They were very happy with the results and have since asked me to do more freelance work.


This is a brochure I created providing information on the Digital Graphic Design program at Vancouver Community College. I made an offset trifold brochure with the intention of making it bold and eye-catching. I used a CMYK colour scheme and created vector illustrations of origami shapes to give the brochure more interest and flare.


Each student in the Digital Graphic Design program at Vancouver Community College (VCC) designed a prospective 2014 graduation poster. I am proud to say that my poster was voted in the top six! My concept uses a blueprint to illustrate the steps of the design process. It shows how designing anything involves a creative mind capable of finding solutions to a problem.


Pacific Western Brewing Company is constantly looking for new ways of branding their classic Pacific Pilsner. This is a label design I created for a tallboy can, featuring vector illustrations and hand-done type.


I created a type specimen book to showcase the font family of Gotham. I researched the typeface and wrote up a brief historical description while also providing a pangram displaying every letter of the alphabet at different weights.


In June 2015, I was asked to create vector-illustrated pieces for sale at a flea market in Dundas, Ontario. I thought puny animal posters would be a fun addition!


A Valentine’s Day card I created for the C.R.E.A.T.E. program against gendered violence. It was requested that we design something “safe” and “adorable”. I took a more comedic approach.

This is a logo and stationary I created for the Culinary Arts program at Vancouver Community College. My design intention was to utilize negative space in order to create interest. I selected maroon as the brand colour because it is a colour associated with food. I also found it to be eye-catching and unique.

I was asked by a few University of British Columbia (UBC) geography students to create a logo for their dodgeball team. They had already come up with the pun “Dodge Mahal” and hoped to see the historical Taj Mahal in the design. They also wanted the logo to include a globe to represent their program of study. The dodgeball team got this logo printed on their team shirts.